NMSSMCALCEW version 1.00, 20 July 2019:

  • Compared to NMSSMCALC 3.00, the following changes have been made for NMSSMCALCEW 1.00.

  • NMSSMCALCEW needs to be compiled with the library LoopTools, an example link path is specified in makefile.
  • The loop functions B0, B0i, B1, B00, DB0, DB1, DB00, A0 CalcMasses.F and CalcMasses2Loop.F have been changed to myB0, myB0i, myB1, myB00, myDB0, myDB1, myDB00, myA0.
  • The loop function B0iC in Zfactors_New.F has been changed to myB0iC.
  • The new files HdecayCTs.inc, HdecayTCLs.inc bh_EWNMSSM.in, HdecayNLOLibs.F, HdecayNLOself.F, HdecayNLO1.F, HdecayNLO2.F, HdecayNLO3.F, HdecayNLO_hhh.F have been added to compute the NLO-EW and QCD corrections
  • bhdecay.f has been changed to bhdecay_rEWN.F and bhdecay_c.f has been changed to bhdecay_cEWN.F.
  • Changes in makefile and re-organization of the directory for the code.
  • Changes in bhdecay.in to include options for the NLO-EW corrections.