25 May 2015

Changes in eHDECAY

  • In the bottom quark mass has been set to 4.49 GeV, as used by the LHCXSWG. Also VCB and VUS have been set to the default values used in the original hdecay program. The file has been exchanged and also the one within ehdecay.tar.gz. The files br.eff1 and br.eff2 corresponding to the new have been uploaded. (25 May 2015)

  • The parameter cTbar has been included both in the input file and the ehdecay.f code. It appears in the SILH parametrization in the Higgs decay into ZZ. (12 March 2014)

  • For the SILH option the variable 'ratcoup', which enters in the QCD corrections to Higgs decays into quarks, has been linearised for the Higgs decays into cc, ss and bb. (30 Jan 2014)

  • The decay widths and branching ratios calculated within MCHM4/5 can now also be evaluated for large deviations from the SM couplings (i.e. large values of xi). Note that in MCHM4/5 the electroweak corrections are not included any more in the decay widths.
    In case the deviations from the SM couplings are small, we recommend to use the SILH parametrisation (after translating the MCHM4/5 couplings to the SILH parametrisation). In this case the elw corrections are included.
    Thanks to Marco Battaglia for pointing out to us the problem in the calculation of the decay widths within the MCHM4/5 for large values of xi. (18 June 2013)

  • Margarete Mühlleitner
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