Released by Roberto Contino, Margherita Ghezzi, Christophe Grojean, Margarete Mühlleitner and Michael Spira

A Fortran program for the calculation of the decay widths and branching ratios of a Higgs-like boson within four different parametrisations: the non-linear Lagrangian, the Strongly-Interacting Light Higgs (SILH) Lagrangian and the MCHM4 and MCHM5 Lagrangian


The Fortran program eHDECAY calculates the decays of a Higgs-like boson in the non-linear Lagrangian parametrisation, the SILH parametrisation and in the framework of the MCHM4 and MCHM5. It includes the most important higher-order QCD effects and in case of the SILH and composite Higgs parametrisation also the EW higher order corrections. The user furthermore has the possibility to turn off these EW corrections.


eHDECAY consists of the main program file ehdecay.f. Further linked routines are dmb.f, elw.f, feynhiggs.f, haber.f, hgaga.f, hgg.f, hsqsq.f, susylha.f. The input file is named It is the original input file supplemented by additional input values for the choice of the parametrisation and the setting of the various couplings. The meaning of these input values is explained in the header of the file ehdecay.f. The output files which are created are br.eff1 and br.eff2.

Note that the Standard Model is recovered by setting COUPVAR=0 in the input file.

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