The program sHDECAY is a modified version of the latest release of HDECAY 6.50.
It allows for the calculation of the partial decay widths and branching ratios of the
Higgs bosons in the real and in the complex singlet extensions of the Standard Model,
both in the broken and the dark matter phase of the models.

Released by: Raul Costa, Margarete Mühlleitner, Marco Sampaio and Rui Santos
Program: sHDECAY obtained from extending HDECAY 6.50

When you use this program, please cite the following references:
sHDECAY: R. Costa, M. Mühlleitner, M. Sampaio, R. Santos, JHEP 06 (2016) 034, arXiv 1512.05355
HDECAY: A. Djouadi, J. Kalinowski, M. Spira, Comput. Phys. Commun. 108 (1998) 56
An update of HDECAY: A. Djouadi, J. Kalinowski, Margarete Muhlleitner, M. Spira, in arXiv:1003.1643

Informations on the Program:
  • Short explanations on the program are given here.
  • NEW: Modifs/corrected bugs are indicated explicitly in this file (19 May 2017).

Downloading the files needed for sHDECAY:
  • shdecay.tar.gz contains the program package files: the input file; shdecay.f, dmb.f, elw.f, feynhiggs.f, haber.f, hgaga.f, hgg.f, hsqsq.f, susylha.f.
  • makefile for the compilation.

Previous versions:

Example for an output file:

The input file provides the output files br.rb11, br.rb12, br.rb13, br.rb21, br.rb22, br.rb23, br.rd11, br.rd12, br.rd13, br.cb11, br.cb12, br.cb13, br.cb21, br.cb22, br.cb23, br.cb31, br.cb32, br.cb33, br.cd11, br.cd12, br.cd13, br.cd21, br.cd22, and br.cd23.

For additional information, comments, complaints or suggestions please e-mail to: Raul Costa, Margarete Mühlleitner, Marco Sampaio, Rui Santos

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