Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP)

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Hauptseminar on Dark Matter and Baryogenesis

REGISTRATION (still open!)

Please contact Mrs. Renate Weiss, Physikhochhaus, 12.OG, Raum 12-05.


Space-Time Coordinates

  • Time: Mo, 15:45-17:15
  • Place: 10/1


Topic Date
Introduction to the SM and the path towards Beyond the Standard Model (BSM)
New physics extensions of the Standard Model (SM)
Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe and the Electroweak Phase Transition
Implications for BSM Phenomenology
Dark Matter
ΛCDM - the Cosmological Standard ModelCDM - the Cosmological Standard Model
Evidence for Dark Matter (DM)
DM Relic Densities
Candidates for DM
The WIMP-miracle
DM Direct-Detection
Collider searches for DM
Open questions of the ΛCDM


General Dark Matter
Stefano Profumo: An Introduction to Particle Dark Matter (@ITP Lib)
Bauer, Plehn: Yet Another Introduction to Dark Matter (ArXiv Link)
Baryon Asymmetry and Electroweak Phase Transition
Trodden: Electroweak Baryogenesis: A Brief Review (ArXiv Link)
Morrissey, Ramsey-Musolf: Electroweak Baryogenesis (ArXiv Link)
Quiros: Finite Temperature Field Theory and Phase Transition (ArXiv Link)
Direct Detection
Schumann: Direct Detecion of WIMP DM (ArXiv Link)
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