• Using public transportation

(from the railway station)

There is a tram station right in front of the railway station. Take line number 2 (direction Wolfartsweier), 3 (direction Heide), 4 (direction Waldstadt) or S4 (direction Eppingen/Heilbronn) and leave the tram at the station called “KIT-Campus Süd”.

From there you should find your way by looking at the map of the campus (your position is close to the “Berliner Platz” on the map): after crossing Berliner Platz, turn left and follow the street until you reach a small road to your right called “Lehmann Straße”. Enter that road, and you are already heading towards the physics building. Our institute is located in the 12th floor.

Tram map of Karlsruhe (on the KVV website).

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