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ITP Preprints 1995

KA-TP-1-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (73 kb)] [Fig1 (18 kb)] [Fig2a (54 kb)] [Fig2b (41 kb)] [Fig3 (34 kb)] [Fig4 (35 kb)] [Fig5 (34 kb)] [Fig6 (52 kb)]
Title: Strong supersymmetric quantum effects on the top quark width
Authors: A. Dabelstein, W. Hollik, Christoph Jünger, R.A. Jimenez, J. Sola

KA-TP-2-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (41 kb)] [Fig1 (7 kb)]
Title: Electroweak precision observables - an indirect access to the top quark
Author: W. Hollik

KA-TP-3-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (36 kb)] [Fig (77 kb)]
Title: Supersymmetric Box Contributions to e+ e- -> Z0 h0 and e+ e- -> A0 h0
Authors: V. Driesen, W. Hollik

KA-TP-4-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (349 kb)]
Title: Fermionic decays of neutral MSSM Higgs bosons at the one-loop level
Author: A. Dabelstein

KA-TP-5-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (173 kb)]
Title: Z boson observables in the MSSM
Authors: A. Dabelstein, W. Hollik, W. Mösle

KA-TP-6-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (65 kb)] [Fig1 (12 kb)] [Fig2 (11 kb)] [Fig3 (13 kb)] [Fig4 (120 kb)]
Title: Precision tests of the electroweak interaction
Author: W. Hollik

KA-TP-7-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (89 kb)]
Title: Effects of R parity breaking in the Higgs sector
Author: J. Rosiek

KA-TP-8-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (56 kb)] [Figs (129 kb)]
Title: QCD Corrections to Hadronic Higgs Decays
Authors: A. Djouadi, M. Spira and P.M. Zerwas

KA-TP-8a-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (41 kb)]
Title: Complete set of Feynman rules for the MSSM - erratum
Author: J. Rosiek

KA-TP-9-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (431 kb)]
Title: Two- and Three-Body Decay Modes of SUSY Higgs Particles
Authors: A. Djouadi, J. Kalinowski and P.M. Zerwas

KA-TP-10-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (141 kb)]
Title: Multiple Production of MSSM Neutral Higgs Bosons at High-Energy e+e- Colliders
Authors: A. Djouadi, H.E. Haber, and P.M. Zerwas

KA-TP-11-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (57 kb)]
Title: Looking for invisibly decaying Higgs bosons through the final state b bar b + missing pT
Authors: O.J.P. Eboli, F. de Campos, J. Rosiek and J. W. F. Valle

KA-TP-12-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (173 kb)]
Title: Searching for invisibly decaying Higgs bosons
Authors: F. de Campos, O. J. P. Eboli, J. Rosiek, and J. W. F. Valle

KA-TP-13-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (72 kb)]
Title: Extended gauge models at e+ e- colliders
Authors: A. Djouadi

KA-TP-14-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (165 kb)]
Title: Heavy Higgs bosons at TeV e+e- colliders
Authors: A. Djouadi, W. Kilian, P. Ohmann

KA-TP-15-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (65 kb)]
Title: Tests of the Standard Model
Author: W. Hollik

KA-TP-16-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (108 kb)]
Title: Production of neutral MSSM Higgs bosons in e+ e- collisions: a complete 1-loop calculation
Authors: V. Driesen, W. Hollik, J. Rosiek

KA-TP-17-1995: [Abstract] [Paper (866 kb)]
Title: The decay h0 --> A0A0: a complete 1-loop calculation in the MSSM
Authors: S. Heinemeyer and W. Hollik

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