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 ====== Gudrun Heinrich ====== ====== Gudrun Heinrich ======
-Research interests: .+Research interests: Exploring the Higgs sector: 
 +finding hints about New Physics through precision measurements requires 
 +precision calculations, which we do both within and beyond the Standard Model. 
 +We also combine Effective Field Theory parametrisations of BSM 
 +effects with higher order corrections and perform phenomenological studies of anomalous couplings in the Yukawa and gauge boson sectors. 
 +Scattering amplitudes: we aim to largely automate the calculation of scattering amplitudes beyond one loop. An important aspect here is the numerical evaluation of multi-loop Feynman 
 +diagrams, as well as a better understanding of the mathematical structure of scattering amplitudes.
 [[:research:heinrich|Detailed information]] [[:research:heinrich|Detailed information]]