BETA VERSION -- VBFNLO 3.0.0 beta 5

Download and Manual:

The BETA version 3.0.0 beta 5 of VBFNLO, which can be downloaded here, was released on 06 February 2018.

The manual for the beta version can be found here.


The beta version of VBFNLO 3.0 has several new features compared to the current stable release 2.7. These are:

Beta 5:

  • Major Enhancements
    • Large speed improvement in real-emission calculation of Hjjj production (processes 110-117)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix two bugs in NLO calculation of Hjjj production (processes 110-117)
    • Fix number of active flavours in BLHA interface

Beta 4:

  • Bug fixes
    • Fix bug in NLO calculation of $Z\gamma jj$ production (processes 290,291) when including anomalous couplings
    • Fix bug in event output for $Z\gamma jj$ production

Beta 3:

  • Major Enhancements
    • VBFNLO is now published also at
    • Processes formerly generated by running ggflo now use the binary vbfnlo as well
    • There is now a quick low-statistics version of the regress tests. They require the pytest package on python3. Run them using cd regress; py.test
  • Updates and new features
    • Add dimension-8 operator OS,2 and adjust K-matrix unitarization accordingly
    • Support for parallelization using MPI via –enable-MPI. See manual for details.
  • Other additions and bug fixes
    • Fix bug in BLHA interface for same-flavour boson decays
    • Fix PDF convolution in real-emission part of VBF-Zjj
    • Fix bug in event output for QCD-ZZjj and -ZAjj
    • Show timing information by default
    • Add git hash of source version to runtime version output
    • Fix compilation issue when flag –disable-nlo is used
    • Fix warnings for automake version >= 1.15
    • Tested with gfortran 5.4 and 6.2
    • Redirect LoopTools output for VBF-H EW corrections to LoopTools.out
    • Removed compilation flag –enable-spin2. The spin2 code is now always included at compile time and can be switched on/off at runtime as before
    • Reduce memory consumption of Histogram routine. Better scaling for many histograms.

Beta 2:

Enhancements and bug fixes in BETA 2:

  • Add possibility for Breit-Wigner or Passarino CPS scheme distribution of Higgs boson (VBF-H only, process IDs 100-117,1010)
  • Fix bug in K-matrix unitarisation of $W^+W^-jj$

Beta 1:

Enhancements in BETA 1 with respect to VBFNLO version 2.7.1:

  • Several new processes are available:
    WWj, ZZj production including the loop-induced gluon-fusion contribution
  • Interface according to the Binoth Les Houches Accord (BLHA) added for all VBF processes with fully leptonic decays
  • K-matrix unitarisation procedure implemented for the two dimension 8 operators O_{S,0} and O_{S,1}.

PLEASE BE AWARE: This beta version includes new code that has not been as extensively tested and checked as a normal release. The new additions to the code may also have affected features or processes that were present in the last stable release. Therefore any results obtained with this beta version should be treated with caution!

Please let us know if you stumble on problems or bugs! Our email is vbfnlo(AT)

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