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A program for the calculation of the decay widths and the branching ratios of the supersymmetric particles in the MSSM.

There exists also the program package SUSY-HIT. It calculates the MSSM Higgs bosons and SUSY particle decays including higher orders, and consists of the Fortran77 codes HDECAY and SDECAY. The spectrum calculator SuSpect has been linked by default, can be replaced, however, by any spectrum program which uses the SLHA output format. The url address of the program package is:

Code released by: Margarete Mühlleitner, Abdelhak Djouadi and Yann Mambrini
Present version: 1.3 changed on August 19, 2014.
Previous version: 1.2 released on Sept 26, 2006.
hep-ph/0311167 : is the official reference to be used for the program.

The Fortran code SDECAY deals with the decays of SUSY particles in the framework of the MSSM and includes the most important higher order effects:

  • Up to the user's choice, it can read in spectrum files in the SUSY Les Houches Accord (SLHA) format, hep-ph/0311123, or it uses the RGE program SuSpect for the calculation of the mass spectrum and the soft SUSY-breaking parameters. It then evaluates the various couplings of the SUSY particles and MSSM Higgs bosons.
  • It calculates thedecay widths and the branching ratios ofall the two-body decay modes, including the QCD corrections to the processes involving squarks and gluinos and the dominant electroweak effects to all processes.
  • It calculates the loop induced two-body decay channels, as well as all the possibly important higher order decay modes:
    the three-body decays of charginos, neutralinos, gluinos, top squarks and sbottom squarks and the four-body decays of the top squark.
  • The program also calculates the decay widths and branching ratios of the heavy top quark and will include the one-loop SUSY-QCD radiative corrections.
  • Up to the user's choice the output file can be given in the SLHA format.
Here, we provide the source code and manual, updated information on changes, bugs, etc..

Information on SDECAY:
  • Short explanations of the code are given in the file sdecay.readme.
  • The complete "users manual" can be obtained here
  • To be advised about future updates or important modifs/bug corrections, send an E-mail.
  • Updated! Modifs/corrected bugs are indicated explicitly in this file.
Downloading the files needed for SDECAY:
  • sdecay.in : the input file of the program (last modif: March 4, 2005).
  • sdecay.f: the main program SDECAY (ver 1.3, last modif: August 19, 2014).
  • SuSpect2.uu: all the needed SuSpect files (ver 2.34/Oct 25, 2007).
  • Makefile for the compilation (last modif: March 4, 2005).
Example for an output file:
The input files sdecay.in and suspect2.in (snowmass point SPS1a) provide the output files sdecay.out a la Les Houches Accord (last modif: Oct 25, 2007) and in a simple form (last modif: Oct 25, 2007).

For additional information, comments, complaints or suggestions please E-mail to: Margarete Mühlleitner

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