Program Package SUSY-HIT - SU(spect)-S(deca)Y-H(decay)-I(n)Terface

A program package for the calculation of the particle spectrum and the decay widths and branching ratios of the Higgs bosons and supersymmetric particles in the framework of the MSSM, including higher order corrections.

Package released by: Abdelhak Djouadi, Margarete Mühlleitner and Michael Spira
Present version: 1.5a changed on 28 September 2016.
hep-ph/0609292 : Is the official reference to be used for the program package.

SUSY-HIT for Flavour-Violating Stop Decays. NEW since 22 February 2015 threshold region between 4- and 3-body decay into W b neutralino1 treated correctly; 3-body decay now with FV couplings.

Implemented by: Ramona Gröber, Margarete Mühlleitner, Eva Popenda and Alexander Wlotzka
hep-ph/0609292, Are the references to be used
arXiv:1408.4662 : for the flavour-violating stop decays.

The program package SUSY-HIT has been created to provide a consistent and self-contained tool for the calculation of the MSSM Higgs boson and SUSY particle decays including higher order corrections. The decays are calculated by the Fortran codes HDECAY and SDECAY. For the calculation of the particle spectrum, they have been linked by default to the renormalization group evolution program SuSpect. This can, however, easily be replaced by any other spectrum calculator using the SUSY Les Houches Accord (SLHA) format. For completeness, at the end of this web page the url addresses of the original programs are given as well as the authors. You will find there more details on the three subprograms. Remark, however, that the original programs have been slightly modified for the use within SUSY-HIT.

NEW: Flavour-violating (FV) stop decays. For scenarios, where the lightest supersymmetric (SUSY) particle is the lightest neutralino and the next-to-lightest SUSY particle is the lightest squark, which is mostly stop-like, and where the mass difference between these two particles is below the threshold of the stop 3-body decay into the lightest neutralino, the W boson and a bottom quark, the new SUSY-HIT version of 21 Aug 2014 calculates light stop decays including flavour-changing neutral current (FCNC) couplings at tree-level. This means that the two-body decay into a charm- or an up-quark and a neutralino is now calculated taking into account FCNC couplings and including the newly calculated SUSY-QCD corrections. Furthermore, the four-body decay into the lightest neutralino, a down-type quark and a fermion pair now takes into account diagrams, that are mediated by FCNC couplings, and it also includes the masses of the third generation fermions in the final state. New since 22 Feb 2015 is the extension of the three-body decay into W b neutralino1 to the FV case and the proper treatment of the threshold region between this three- and the four-body decay as well of the threshold region between this three-body decay and the two-body decay into top neutralino.

Information on SUSY-HIT:
  • The complete "users manual" can be obtained here.
  • A readme file with short explanations on how to use SUSY-HIT for the calculation of FV stop decays is given here. NEW since 21 August 2014!
  • To be advised about future updates or important modifs/bug corrections, send an E-mail.
  • Changes in the various programs with respect to their original version. Modifs/corrected bugs will be indicated here as well in this file.
Downloading the files needed for SUSY-HIT:
This tar file contains the SUSY-HIT default version. (Input and output sample files for the computation of the FV stop decays are given below under the item 'examples'.)
  • susyhit.tar.gz contains the program package files: the input file; sdecay.f (ver 1.5), hdecay.f (ver 3.4), hgaga.f, lightst3bod.f, lightst4bod.f, Xvegas.f and susylha.f for the decays;, suspect2.f (ver 2.41), twoloophiggs.f, bsg.f for the spectrum; a makefile for the compilation. Also included is a sample file with the spectrum and parameters in the SLHA format, in case the user chooses not to link SuSpect. (last modif: Feb 22, 2015)
Previous versions of SUSY-HIT:
Examples for input and output files:
SUSY-HIT: The input files and (snowmass point SPS1a) provide the output file susyhit_slha.out according to the SUSY Les Houches Accord (SLHA). (last modif: Feb 22, 2015).

SUSY-HIT for FV stop decays: The input files (rename '' into '', before running the program) and provide the output file susyhit_slha2.out according to the SLHA2. (last modif: Feb 22, 2015).

Information on the authors and web pages of the programs HDECAY, SDECAY, SuSpect:
HDECAY: by Abdelhak Djouadi, Jan Kalinowski, Margarete Mühlleitner and Michael Spira, Web page: HDECAY
SDECAY: by Margarete Mühlleitner, Abdelhak Djouadi and Yann Mambrini, Web page: SDECAY
SuSpect: by Abdelhak Djouadi, Jean-Loic Kneur and Gilbert Moultaka, Web page: SuSpect

For additional information, comments, complaints or suggestions please e-mail to: Abdelhak Djouadi, Margarete Mühlleitner, Michael Spira
For issues related to FV stop decays please e-mail to: Ramona Gröber, Margarete Mühlleitner

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