Forschungssemiar SS2016

Start: 14:00, Room: 12-01

21.04.2016 - Organizational Meeting

28.04.2016 -


12.05.2016 - Marco Sekulla/Graeme Nail

Title: Operator Bases for High Energy Effective Theories

Title: Parton Shower Uncertainties with Herwig 7: Benchmarks at Leading Order

19.05.2016 - Maximilian Delto/Oskar Taubert

Title: Simulation of LHC Dijet events at NLO accuracy


02.06.2016 - Marcel Krause

Title: On the renormalization of the two-Higgs-doublet model

09.06.2016 - Radek Podskubka/Hendrik Mantler

Title: Herwig-Parallel package for Herwig 7 Monte Carlo event generator

Title: SusHi Bento: Beyond NNLO and the heavy-top limit

16.06.2016 - Michael Rauch

Title: Parton Shower Matching Systematics in VBF WW Production

23.06.2016 - Jonas Wittbrodt

Title: Distinguishing extended Higgs sectors

30.06.2016 - Genessis Perez/Martin Gabelmann

Title: Anomalous Quartic Couplings for W+W+ → W+W+ scattering

Title: Operator relations in effective field theories - about the consequences by the use of equations of motion

07.07.2016 - No institute seminar -> Lisa Randall's talk in room 3/1

14.07.2016 - Oleg Kaikov/Alexander Wlotzka

Title: Investigations within the 3HDM

Title: Real corrections to Squark-Gluino-Production: Gluon-Gluon-Channel

21.07.2016 - Patrick Kirchgaesser/Robin Roth

Title: Extensions to Colour Reconnections in Herwig 7

Title: Continuous Integration with Gitlab

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