Einführung in die Supersymmetrie / Introduction to Supersymmetry


  • Mo, 09:45 - 11:15, 30.22 Physik-Hörsaal Nr. 4 (Kl. HS B)
  • Mo, 13:00 - 13:45, 30.23 Seminarraum 2/1


  • First lecture: Mo, 16.04.2018
  • The crash course in Lie groups. QFT and SM will be finished next Monday (07.05.18). We will finally start after ~20-30mins with Supersymmetry
  • Unfortunately, the lectures today (14.05.) are cancelled due to illness
  • There are no SUSY lectures on Monday, 16.07.18; i.e. the last lecture of the term is on Monday, 09.07.18.


Introduction to Supersymmetry (last update: 07.07.2018)

If you find mistakes in the script, please send a mail to florian.staub@kit.edu


  1. Motivation
  2. Reminders:
    • Lie Groups
    • Quantum Field Theory: Field Equations & Lagrangian, gauge theories, spontaneous symmetry breaking
    • Standard Model: gauge sector, Higgs sector, Yukawa sector, Electroweak symmetry breaking
  3. SUSY Formalities
    • SUSY Transformations
    • Chiral and Vector Superfields
    • Superpotential and Lagrangian
    • SUSY Breaking
  4. The MSSM
    • Particle Content
    • Superpotential
    • Gauge Coupling Unification and GUT models
    • Gauge and Mass Eigenstates
    • Higgs sector
    • Dark Matter
  5. Searches for Supersymmetry
    • Collider searches
    • Flavour observables
  6. Non-minimal SUSY models (if there is time…)

Possible topics for seminar talks

  • bilinear R-parity violation
  • Gauge Mediated Supersymmetry breaking
  • Dirac Gauginos
  • The Gravitino
  • Vacuum Stability in the MSSM


  1. Basics: Quantum Field Theory and Standard Model
    • Michio Kaku: Quantum field theory – A modern introduction
    • Michael E. Peskin, Daniel V. Schroeder : An Introduction To Quantum Field Theory
    • Okun Lev Borisovich: Leptons And Quarks
  2. Supersymmetry
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