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Hauptseminar on Dark Matter and Baryogenesis


Space-Time Coordinates

  • Time: Mo, 15:45-17:15
  • Place: 10/1


Primordial Nucleosynthesis - the Origin of the Lightest Elements (Slides) - 13.5.2019
Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe and the Electroweak Phase Transition - CHANGED to: 01.07.2019
Dark Matter
Evidence for Dark Matter (DM) - 3.6.2019 ( Slides )
Candidates for DM - 17.6.2019 ( Slides)
DM Direct-Detection - 24.6.2019
Collider searches for DM - 8.7.2019


General Dark Matter (Particle Physics Perspective )
Stefano Profumo: An Introduction to Particle Dark Matter (@ITP Lib)
Bauer, Plehn: Yet Another Introduction to Dark Matter (ArXiv Link)
Baryon Asymmetry and Electroweak Phase Transition
Trodden: Electroweak Baryogenesis: A Brief Review (ArXiv Link)
Morrissey, Ramsey-Musolf: Electroweak Baryogenesis (ArXiv Link)
Quiros: Finite Temperature Field Theory and Phase Transition (ArXiv Link)
Direct Detection
Schumann: Direct Detecion of WIMP DM (ArXiv Link)

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