Zeppenfeld research group: Collider physics

General field of research:
Calculation of cross sections and study of processes that can be studied at the most energetic accelerators, in particular Tevatron, LHC und future e+e- accelerators.

  • Higgs search und origin of mass
  • Search for supersymmetry (SUSY partners)
  • Extra dimensions and other exotica

  • Theory of electroweak processes
  • QCD effects (Jets, radiative corrections, ...)
  • Numerical simulation via Monte Carlo

Example: Higgs produktion in WW fusion

Complex signal with very good possibilities for background reduction and exact signal measurement ⇒ better simulations of signal and background are needed..

Examples for Diploma thesis topics:
  • Interference effects in Higgs production at the LHC (WW fusion and WH production)
  • Central Jet veto in vector boson fusion in NLO (programs exist)
  • Elektroweak Zjj production: fusion und pair production processes of gauge bosons

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