Research Group of Prof. Dr. Dieter Zeppenfeld

General field of research

Calculation of cross sections and study of processes that can be studied at the most energetic accelerators, in particular LHC, FCC or future e+e- accelerators.


  • Higgs search und origin of mass
  • Search for supersymmetry (SUSY partners)
  • Extra dimensions and other exotica


  • Theory of electroweak processes
  • QCD effects (Jets, radiative corrections, …)
  • Numerical simulation via Monte Carlo

Example: Higgs produktion in WW fusion


Complex signal with very good possibilities for background reduction and exact signal measurement ⇒ better simulations of signal and background are needed..

Examples for Bachelor thesis topics

  • Improved phase space generation for vector boson fusion processes
  • Effective field theory predictions for helicity amplitudes in vector boson fusion

Examples for Master thesis topics

  • Central jet veto in vector boson scattering in NLO QCD
  • QCD corrections to Wjjj production via vector boson fusion
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