M.Sc. Martin Gabelmann

Institute for Theoretical Physics
Group: Mühlleitner
Room: 12-17
Phone: +49 (0)721 608 43583
E-mail: martin.gabelmann@kit.edu

Research interests

  • Higher-order corrections to Higgs Boson masses in supersymmetric quantum field theories
  • Low-energy effective field theories and their capabilities compared to complete models
  • Extended Higgs sectors
  • Split Supersymmetry

PhD Topic

In my PhD I study the 2-loop corrections $O((\alpha_\lambda+\alpha_\kappa+\alpha_t)^2)$ to Higgs Boson masses in the complex Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (cNMSSM) in a special renormalization scheme to give a new estimate of the theoretical uncertentaies of missing higher-order corrections.

(Under)Graduate Studies

  • During my master thesis I developed a computer tool to match arbitrary QFTs that involve very high mass scales onto low-energy effective theoies at the one-loop order. This allows e.g. for a precise prediction of Higgs boson masses.
  • My bachelor thesis dealt with relations between dimension six operators in effective field theories and the consequences by the use of equations of motion during basis changes.

Administative Roles

I'm ITP/TTP IT-Systemadministrator since 2015.


More recent information about me an my research is to be found on my KSETA fellow page

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