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ITP Preprints 2000

KA-TP-1-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (182 kb)]
Title: On Generalizations of the Stirling Number Triangles
Author: Wolfdieter Lang

KA-TP-2-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (120 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0001254, UAB-FT-482 and LC-TH-2000-013)
Title: Radiative Corrections to scalar quark decays in the MSSM
Authors: J. Guasch, W. Hollik, J. Sol`a

KA-TP-3-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (85 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0002213)
Title: FeynHiggsFast: a program for a fast calculation of masses and mixing angles in the Higgs Sector of the MSSM
Authors: S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, G. Weiglein

KA-TP-4-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (255 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0003109 and LC-TH-2000-030)
Title: Top-Quark Production and Decay in the MSSM
Authors: J. Guasch, W. Hollik, J.I. Illana, C. Schappacher, J. Sol`a

KA-TP-5-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (80 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0005024)
Title: Physics Impact of GigaZ
Authors: J. Erler, S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, G. Weiglein, P. Zerwas

KA-TP-6-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (335 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0102081)
Title: Neutral MSSM Higgs-boson production at e+e- colliders in the Feynman-diagrammatic approach
Authors: S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, J. Rosiek, G. Weiglein

KA-TP-7-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (63 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0005029)
Title: Automatic Loop Calculations with FeynArts, FormCalc, and LoopTools
Author: T. Hahn

KA-TP-8-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (36 kb)] (also available as hep-th/0003125)
Title: On non-L2 solutions to the Seiberg--Witten equations
Author: C. Adam, B. Muratori, C. Nash

KA-TP-9-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (24 kb)] (also available as hep-th/0005018)
Title: Zero modes in finite range magnetic fields
Author: C. Adam, B. Muratori, C. Nash

KA-TP-10-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (88 kb)] (also available as hep-th/0005019)
Title: Covariant Schwinger Terms
Author: C. Adam, C. Ekstrand, T. Sykora

KA-TP-11-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (57 kb)] (also available as NBI-HE-00-27)
Title: CPT anomaly in two-dimensional chiral U(1) gauge theories
Author: F.R. Klinkhamer, J. Nishimura

KA-TP-12-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (242 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0007062)
Title: Complete one-loop corrections to e+e- -> W+W- in the MSSM
Author: T. Hahn

KA-TP-13-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (184 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0007091)
Title: Complete fermionic two-loop results for the MW--MZ interdependence
Authors: A. Freitas, W. Hollik, W. Walter and G. Weiglein

KA-TP-14-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (203 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0008308)
Title: The MSSM prediction for W+- H-+ production by gluon fusion
Authors: O. Brein, W. Hollik, S. Kanemura

KA-TP-15-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (64 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0007129)
Title: Calculation of fermionic two-loop contributions to muon decay
Authors: A. Freitas, S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, W. Walter and G. Weiglein

KA-TP-16-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (150 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0007134 and BN-TH-00-07)
Title: Renormalization of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories with soft supersymmetry breaking
Authors: W. Hollik, E. Kraus, D. StÖckinger

KA-TP-20-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (175 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0011092 and LC-TH-2000-064)
Title: Radiative corrections to chargino production in electron-positron collisions
Author: T. Blank, W. Hollik

KA-TP-21-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (42 kb)] (also available as hep-th/0006230)
Title: Particle creation via relaxing hypermagnetic knots
Author: C. Adam, B. Muratori, C. Nash

KA-TP-22-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (199 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0011091)
Title: Loop Induced Flavor Changing Neutral Decays of the Top Quark in a General Two-Higgs-Doublet Model
Author: Santi B'ejar, Jaume Guasch, Joan Sol`a

KA-TP-23-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (85 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0012260)
Title: Generating Feynman Diagrams and Amplitudes with FeynArts 3
Author: T. Hahn

KA-TP-24-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (120 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0101087)
Title: Causality and CPT violation from an Abelian Chern-Simons-like term
Author: C. Adam and F.R. Klinkhamer

KA-TP-25-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (114 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0101086 and UAB-FT-505)
Title: Full electroweak one-loop radiative corrections to squark decays in the MSSM
Author: Jaume Guasch, Wolfgang Hollik, Joan Sol`a

KA-TP-26-2000: [Abstract] [Paper (63 kb)]
Title: Some results on top quark decays in the MSSM
Author: Jaume Guasch

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