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ITP Preprints 2001

KA-TP-1-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (183 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0101294, and UAB-FT-506)
Title: FCNC top quark decays beyond the Standard Model
Authors: Santi Bejar, Jaume Guasch, Joan Sola

KA-TP-2-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (127 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0101260, and CERN-TH/2001-018)
Title: Two-loop electroweak contributions to Delta r
Authors: A. Freitas, S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, W. Walter, G. Weiglein

KA-TP-3-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (586 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0102169, IFT-UAM/CSIC 01-03 and FTUAM 01/02)
Title: Decoupling Properties of MSSM particles in Higgs and Top Decays
Authors: H.E.Haber, M.J.Herrero, H.E.Logan, S.Pe~naranda, S.Rigolin and D. Temes

KA-TP-4-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (367 kb)]
Title: The Masses of the Neutral CP-even Higgs Bosons in the MSSM: Two-Loop Calculations in the Feynman-Diagrammatic Approach
Authors: S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, G. Weiglein

KA-TP-5-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (169 kb)]
Title: FeynHiggs and FeynHiggsFast: Programs for Higher-Order Calculations in the Neutral CP-even Higgs Boson Sector of the MSSM
Authors: S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, G. Weiglein

KA-TP-6-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (125 kb)]
Title: Twenty Years of Delta r: The W--Z Mass Correlation
Authors: W. Hollik

KA-TP-7-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (256 kb)] (also available as CERN-TH/2001-051, UB-ECM-PF-02/02, FSU-HEP-020301 and hep-ph/0203031)
Title: Prospects for heavy supersymmetric charged Higgs boson searches at hadron colliders
Authors: Alexander Belyaev, David Garcia, Jaume Guasch, Joan Sol`a

KA-TP-8-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (180 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0103009)
Title: Regularization and supersymmetry-restoring counterterms in supersymmetric QCD
Authors: W. Hollik, D. StÖckinger

KA-TP-9-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (203 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0104096)
Title: Spectral flow of chiral fermions in nondissipative Yang-Mills gauge field backgrounds
Authors: F.R. Klinkhamer, Y.J. Lee

KA-TP-10-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (757 kb)] (also available as IFT-UAM/CSIC 00-42, FTUAM 00/20 and hep-ph/0105097)
Title: SUSY-QCD decoupling properties in H+ -> t bar b decay
Authors: M.J.Herrero, S.Pe~naranda and D. Temes

KA-TP-11-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (79 kb)]
Title: Riccati meets Fibonacci
Authors: Wolfdieter Lang

KA-TP-13-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (228 kb)] (also available as hep-th/0105037)
Title: Causality and radiatively induced CPT violation
Authors: C. Adam, F.R. Klinkhamer

KA-TP-14-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (142 kb)] (also available as hep-th/0105028 and BN-TH-01-04)
Title: Non-renormalization theorems of Supersymmetric QED in the Wess-Zumino gauge
Authors: E. Kraus, D. Stöckinger

KA-TP-15-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (74 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0105053, FSU-HEP-050101 and UAB-FT-512)
Title: Prospects for supersymmetric charged Higgs boson discovery at the Tevatron and the LHC
Authors: Alexander Belyaev, David Garcia, Jaume Guasch, Joan Sol`a

KA-TP-17-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (75 kb)] (also available as hep-th/0105310)
Title: Torsion, topology and CPT anomaly in two-dimensional chiral U(1) gauge theory
Authors: F.R. Klinkhamer, C. Mayer

KA-TP-18-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (96 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0105349)
Title: The Implementation of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model in FeynArts and FormCalc
Authors: T. Hahn, C. Schappacher

KA-TP-19-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (92 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0106027)
Title: Distinguishing Higgs models in H -> b b-bar / H -> tau+ tau-
Authors: Jaume Guasch, Wolfgang Hollik, Siannah Pe~naranda

KA-TP-20-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (112 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0108245)
Title: Yukawa coupling quantum corrections to the self couplings of the lightest MSSM Higgs boson
Authors: Wolfgang Hollik, Siannah Pe~naranda

KA-TP-22-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (90 kb)] (also available as hep-th/0105028 and BN-TH-01-04)
Title: Non-renormalization theorems in softly broken SQED and the soft beta-functions
Authors: E. Kraus, D. Stöckinger

KA-TP-26-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (312 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0108274, UB-HET-01-04 and UR-1642)
Title: Electroweak Radiative Corrections to Neutral-Current Drell-Yan Processes at Hadron Colliders
Authors: U. Baur, O. Brein, W. Hollik, C. Schappacher, D. Wackeroth

KA-TP-28-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (64 kb)] (also available as hep-th/0110135)
Title: CPT violation: mechanism and phenomenology
Authors: F.R. Klinkhamer

KA-TP-29-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (59 kb)] (also available as hep-th/0110237)
Title: New analytic results for electroweak baryon number violation
Authors: F.R. Klinkhamer, Y.J. Lee

KA-TP-30-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (71 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0110402)
Title: Precise Predictions for e+ e- -> 4f (+gamma) with Anomalous Couplings
Authors: A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, M. Roth, D. Wackeroth

KA-TP-31-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (54 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/0111060)
Title: Status and Prospects of Theoretical Predictions for Weak Gauge Boson Production Processes at Lepton and Hadron Colliders
Authors: U. Bauer, A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, M. Krämer, M. Roth, D. Wackeroth

KA-TP-32-2001: [Abstract] [Paper (69 kb)] (also available as gr-qc/0111090)
Title: Fundamental time-asymmetry from nontrivial space topology
Authors: F.R. Klinkhamer

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