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ITP Preprints 1997

KA-TP-1-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (448 kb)] (also available as hep-th/9702023)
Title: A global anomaly from the Z-string
Authors: F. Klinkhamer, C. Rupp

KA-TP-2-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (119 kb)]
Title: On Sums of Powers of Zeros of Polynomials
Author: W. Lang

KA-TP-3-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (102 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9703392)
Title: Precision observables in SU(2)×U(1) models with an additional Higgs triplet
Authors: T. Blank, W. Hollik

KA-TP-4-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (115 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9703231)
Title: Radiative corrections in the MSSM Higgs sector
Author: W. Hollik

KA-TP-5-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (76 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9707510)
Title: Higgs-mass dependence of two-loop corrections to Delta r
Authors: S. Bauberger, G. Weiglein

KA-TP-6-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (114 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9708321)
Title: Precise Predictions for the W-Boson Mass
Author: G. Weiglein

KA-TP-8-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (292 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9710438)
Title: Leading QCD Corrections to Scalar Quark Contribution to Electroweak Precision Observables
Authors: A. Djouadi, P. Gambino, S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, C. Jünger, G. Weiglein

KA-TP-9-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (160 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9706218)
Title: Top Pair Production at Hadron Colliders in non-minimal Standard Models
Authors: W. Hollik, W. Mösle, D. Wackeroth

KA-TP-10-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (51 kb)] (also available as hep-th/9709067)
Title: Constraining differential renormalization in abelian gauge theories
Authors: F. del Aguila, A. Culatti, R. Munoz Tapia, M. Perez-Victoria

KA-TP-11-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (350 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9707437)
Title: One-Loop MSSM Contribution to the Weak Magnetic Dipole Moments of Heavy Fermions
Authors: W. Hollik, J. Illana, S. Rigolin, D. Stöckinger

KA-TP-12-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (327 kb)]
Title: Electroweak Radiative Corrections after the Top Quark Discovery
Author: W. Hollik

KA-TP-13-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (186 kb)]
Title: Precision tests of electroweak theory
Author: W. Hollik

KA-TP-14-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (83 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9708339)
Title: Electroweak interactions: a theoretical overview
Author: W. Hollik

KA-TP-15-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (114 kb)] (also available as hep-th/9709194)
Title: Fermion zero-modes of a new constrained instanton in Yang-Mills-Higgs theory
Author: F. Klinkhamer

KA-TP-16-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (488 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9711302)
Title: Radiative Corrections to W+W- -> W+W- in the Electroweak Standard Model
Authors: A. Denner, T. Hahn

KA-TP-17-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (63 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9710497)
Title: One-loop weak dipole moments of heavy fermions in the MSSM
Author: J. Illana

KA-TP-18-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (146 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9803294)
Title: Two-loop calculations in the MSSM
Author: S. Heinemeyer

KA-TP-19-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (173 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9711254)
Title: Higher-order corrections to precision observables in the Standard Model and the MSSM
Author: G. Weiglein

KA-TP-20-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (90 kb)]
Title: Two-loop top-Higgs contributions to muon decay
Authors: S. Bauberger, M. Böhm, G. Weiglein

KA-TP-21-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (160 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9711322)
Title: Weak Electric Dipole Moments of Heavy Fermions in the MSSM
Authors: W. Hollik, J. Illana, S. Rigolin, D. Stöckinger

KA-TP-22-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (83 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9711492)
Title: Review: Status of the Standard Model
Author: W. Hollik

KA-TP-23-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (139 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9711489)
Title: Electroweak precision observables in the MSSM and Global Analysis of Precision Data
Author: W. Hollik

KA-TP-24-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (65 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9712227)
Title: Sensitivity of Two-Loop Corrections to Muon Decay to the Higgs-Boson Mass
Author: G. Weiglein

KA-TP-25-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (63 kb)] (also available as hep-ph/9712226)
Title: QCD Corrections to Electroweak Precision Observables in SUSY Theories
Author: G. Weiglein

KA-TP-26-1997: [Abstract] [Paper (133 kb)]
Title: Diagrammatic Approach to Radiative Corrections in the Higgs Sector of the MSSM
Author: W. Hollik

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